So, whoever finds this cesspool of a blog, you might be wondering. What’s this all about? Well, an Exodus is the leaving of a lot of people, or as I like to think, a goodbye. This blog is all about the endings of manga, manhua, translated novels, and just books in general. I’ll probably be ranting or just throwing out my feeling about the book in general, so don’t mind me if you disagree.

I’m not going to write about books I’ve read a while ago. It just doesn’t fell right writing about something that’s not fresh in my mind, and I don’t want to have to reread a book for the sake of writing my feelings about it.

And with that over with, have fun!

Upcoming (I’ve been reading mostly manga/manhua recently, so you’ll have to forgive the selection below):

1. Fuuka

2. Girls of the Wild’s

3. DICE: The cube that changes everything

4. Gemina



Heartfire: V1Prologue

She ran down the stairs, tripping over the hem of her gown. Footsteps thudded from behind her, chasing her, hunting her. The “Happy Birthday” balloons floating cheerfully were a stark contrast to the panicked screams echoing in the mansion. Kicking off her heels, she made a dash for the front foyer. A gunshot rang out from behind, the bullet slamming into the doorframe beside her head. Making a quick turn, she rounded the last turn before the entrance, then skidded to a stop. Nick, stood in front of the front doors, brandishing a handgun towards her.

“Why?” She whispered, as she met his eyes and he pointed the gun her way. She spun in place, lurching towards her last hope, her father’s laboratory in the basement. There, the reinforced door and keypad would hold them out for a little while, maybe until she could think of something better. Suddenly, a stray bullet hit near her right foot, sending her rolling headfirst down the stairs. She stood up shakily, and let herself into the dark lab. The door swung closed, and the lock clicked.

Looking around, she could find nothing useful to her. The numerous weapons strewn around the room glared menacingly, any one of them deadly. But she did not pick up any of them, for she knew that she could not stop all of her assailants by herself. The only thing other than firearms and blades in the room was a silver, prismatic ring floating in an electromagnetic chamber. She glanced at the ring, puzzled. What was this doing here, in a room dedicated to weapons tech?

A sudden impulse overtook her, and she grabbed the ring from its display. However, the moment the ring left the chamber, a pulsating glow appeared around it.

The swirling mass of majestic violet light enveloped everything, swallowing her into itself.

Girls of the Wild’s – End

So, Girls of the World’s ended a week ago. I hadn’t realized that it had run for 5 years, and that’s a lot. 260 chapters, and all of them were amazing. Sometimes I got frustrated at how Jaegu was a moron, and sometimes I just cried because I wanted Daldal to get together with Jaegu instead of Queen. But you know what? I’m not going to complain about anything, because the story is great just the way it is.

Throughout the adventures of Jaegu and the girls, I smiled, laughed, cried, slammed my head into my keyboard, and sighed in exasperation. But I had fun. Seeing all the characters progress and develop into who they have become was an amazing experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The story progressed at just the right pace, just barely fast enough to satisfy my cravings for plot and sub/side stories.

A very important, and you could probably say integral part of what made the story so good was the art. Zhena’s art style is so good, that it’s probably the best I’ve ever seen in a webcomic or any other illustrated story, to be honest. 
The ending was a bit rushed, but at the same time concluded the series perfectly. You can feel how Queen tries to get over Jaegu, but is still hoping for him anyways. Her smile at the end really cheered me up, and instead of being disappointed, it really let me feel happy about how everything turned out. Daldal got together with someone she liked, and Moonyoung is… Well, still Moonyoung. 

So in the end, what I’d really like to say is that Girls of the Wild’s has been an amazing, unforgettable experience. Thank you, Hun and Zhena, for such a wonderful story. 

This final review/appreciation of Girls of the Wild’s was a little short, but that doesn’t mean I liked it any less then any other webcomic or story. I really did enjoy every single bit of it, and I hope all of you did/will too. Thanks for reading this, and have a great day.

Annarasumanara – Do You Believe in Magic?

Ok, so that just happened. Annarasumanara is a drama, a thriller of sorts. It follows the story of Yun Ai, a wannabe magician who’s parents ran away because of debt and stress. She focuses on studying, hanging on to the dream that by getting good grades, she’ll be able to live a happy life. But the she meets “L”, a magician living in an abandoned amusement park. He tells her that he is a real magician, and asks her if she believes in magic. The comic is written in black and white, with splashes of colour to emphasize certain objects and things in the story. It also features a unique addition of 3D paper cutouts and drawing, which really adds to the depth of the story.

I’m not going to say any more in the first paragraph because that’ll ruin the story, but try it out. It expresses life in a way a webcomic shouldn’t be able to in 27 chapters, and is very easy to relate/empathize with. Now for the ending. If you want to read the story, don’t keep reading this.

The ending of Annarasumanara was great. It concluded the story amazingly, but also left just enough of a cliff if the author or anyone ever wants to continue the story. You see that Yun Ai has finally accepted that you can be successful chasing your dreams, and that Il-Deung has also found his own path, continuing on his journey of learning and education. It feels like he’s stepped off the unforgiving asphalt, but is taking a scenic route to the same destination. And finally, the card. I don’t know about anybody else, but the card was a great way to end the story. I’m not going to over analyze what it means, but instead just appreciate it for what it is. Seeing the card actually brought a smile to my face, as it expresses so much in just one image. Actually, I can’t describe exactly why I liked the card, but I just did.

Anyways, that’s about it for this review. I definitely don’t think I’ve done this comic justice in any way, and know that this is just my useless blabberings, but I really do hope that you try this comic out, and make your own assumptions afterwards.


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso – Your lie in April

Well, shit. This novel was short, but a real feel fest for sure. Kousei, Kaori, Tsubaki, Watari. The original foursome of fucking sadness. In this book, a complex love triangle, or more like a rectangle with it’s top cut off, is evident, but that one last side doesn’t come into play until the last fucking third of the book, so its actually basically just an “L” shape. Now, what can I say about this story?

First off, Kaori. What the actually fuck. She was the saddest character ever, and not because she was bad, but I mean she made me cry so much it’s not even funny. I can sympathize with Kousei, and understand Tsubaki, and even maybe superstar Watari, but Kaori is a mystery. If I was dying, and at the stage where I had to stay in the hospital, I would fucking tell the world, and be like: “Hey, nurse? Do you know how long I have left to live? 1 fucking month. Gimme a hug.” I mean, you have a right to be happy on your deathbed, not to mention the weird ass relationship problems they Kousei and Kaori have.

Like, I mean, fuck it, what’s there to lose from confessing to a dude if you have weeks left to live? Just be like: “Hey, I like you a lot, go out with me. Please?” If the guy says no, great! Be happy that you’ve done what you wanted, don’t just pretend to friendzone that bitch, just do it! Anyways, that’s my twisted way of looking at things, and a more considerate person probably would have kept the sickness to themselves so they wouldn’t force people into obligatory relationships or time spending.

Anyways, with all that out of the way, I feel better now. This story was the shortest manga I have ever read, not counting one shots, that has made me so sad in such a short period of time. What happened to Kaori was so obvious, that I was literally crying through the last 10 chapters, and I almost couldn’t see the words. Tears ran down my face, and I think I broke the touchpad on my laptop by getting it so wet.

Finally, I would just like to say, this was a great story. Sad, but so satisfying to see how Kousei developed into an actual pianist instead of a machine, to see Tsubaki finally admit to herself that she liked Kousei, to see the Aiza’s and Emi become great. I know what I’ve described might not sound like a good story, but it was, and I just don’t know how to say that in any other words. So please, read this novel, or watch the anime. Either way, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Have a nice day.

Kimi no Iru Machi – The Town Where You Live

You fucking bastard. That’s what I thought at least 4 times during the reading of this book. And you know what? I meant it. Haruto Kirishima, you are a massive, fucking, moron. He gives up his childhood crush. He gives up the perfect girlfriend. He leads about 10 billion girls on. He gives up on random girls that hit on him when he’s single. He chases after the girl that dumped him. Twice. Or was it three times? But you know what? I was satisfied with the story. I know, I know, I was really taking a dump on the main character, but I really just thought he was a dumb fucking asshole. This post is mostly just hate on Haruto, so I’ll try to make this a bit shorter.

Haruto’s first crush, Nanami Kanzaki, was a great girl. She liked him back, but recognized his love for another girl. That’s logical, but just give him a chance maybe. In the end, it was the right choice, but why did Haruto have to be so mean in the beginning to Eba? He could have just admitted to himself, ‘Wow, maybe I’m just an average person who likes MORE THAN ONE PERSON.’ Is it really that hard? Like Shu said in Nisekoi, it’s not bad to like more than one person, the bad thing is not deciding which one you like more and leading them both on. Haruto has done that so many times throughout the story that I just don’t even care anymore. I couldn’t shed any tears when Kazama died either, not because I didn’t like him as a character, but because of how Haruto had acted in the chapters before. It’s really hard to cry when you’re pissed off at something else entirely, for me at least.

Anyways, Haruto did a thing, and started dating Asuka. Personally, I thought she was the best girl of this series, and that’s not even a bias. I could list out dozens of reasons why, but this is an ending review, not a best girl competition. When Haruto broke up with Asuka, I was so goddamn mad. You would not believe how mad I was. I wasn’t mad at Haruto this time, but at Rin. Rin the bitch who ruins every relationship. I hated her until the very end, and I still do. Nothing can stop me from hating her.

So, again, I’m going to keep this short. The ending of the story was nice, with Takashi finally getting together with someone, Asuka making it into the major leagues, Haruto and Eba stay together, and open a restaurant. I said I was satisfied, but that was a partial lie. I’m satisfied with how things with Haruto ended, but I would’ve really liked if the terrible and mean characters in the story maybe showed a hint of conscience or even humanity. Like if Rin apologized for ruining every single one of Haruto’s relationships, and that douche senpai from the beginning who tried to seduce Eba got some kind of karma or repented for his sins against relationships and people.

So, overall, this story was OK. It was really frustrating, but you know, I guess it can be said that it was really well written in that it could rile me up so much. I would maybe recommend this story for someone who has a lot of free time, and not a lot of breakable furniture, because you’re going to want to throw a lot of shit around.

Edit: Now that I think about it, the story was pretty touching, with Haruto never giving up on Eba, chasing her halfway across the country just to help her. The story was just kind of frustrating because I liked a lot of Haruto’s other ex’s, but in afterthought, I really did like this story, no matter how frustrating it might have been. So please, read this, and make your own assumptions.

Thank you for reading this, and please, have a great time reading!

Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love – :(

So, I didn’t know about this book until yesterday. Then, I read it, without stopping, until 1 in the morning, with tears streaming down my face while I cried into my pillow. I had to take off my glasses and read with my 200 degree nearsightedness because my glasses were blurring from the tears. All 83 chapters were amazingly written, and I hated how it ended, almost as much as I enjoyed it.

The characters in this story are really good. Like, really, really good. The story is pseudo-realistic, and how each and every person expresses themselves is a story all unto itself. So Ri and Geun Soo especially, but that’s to be expected as they’re they main protagonists. Anyways, I loved and hated a lot of the other characters too, and flipped my opinions more than once. At first, I liked how Yun-Jeong supported and helped Geun Soo and So Ri, but then it turned out that she’s a massive selfish bitch. Ji Ai was also a good example, because I thought of her as just a mindless slave for the President, but she eventually turned around, and tried to make up for what she’d done.

Personally, in this story, I was most attached to Dong-Seok, the 119 EMS guy. He was the most human, the most feeling, emotional, truthful, kind, and caring person in the entire manhwa, to me at least. You can see that he tries his best every day, he never gives up, and he supports Geun Soo throughout the entire novel, even when Geun Soo himself doesn’t realize it. In the end, you see Dong-Seok running over to his old gang boss to ask for help, without fear of retribution or abuse, but only pleading for the boss to help him for the sake of Geun Soo. He deserved to end up with his love, Yun-Jeong.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about Dong-Seok, but that doesn’t mean other things and people weren’t important or good. I just felt that Dong-Seok was the most relateable  person in the story.

So Ri and Geun Soo’s love story was slow, but built up enough momentum not to be stopped by everything. You can tell how much they love each other throughout all the little actions and things they do for each other, and how they don’t think about themselves when the other is in trouble or needs help. So Ri in particular, as she demonstrates her willingness to do things that would otherwise be unimaginable just for Geun Soo, like in the last few dozen chapters where she agrees to be a model to get enough money for Geun Soo’s surgery, and how she practices piano so diligently even though she knows it’ll be hard, all for their anniversary. Geun Soo also realizes how much she cares, and decides to do one last, thing for her before he dies, and it’s touching how much effort he puts into his last work. I cried all the way through the last 10~ chapters, and you know what? I’m not ashamed of doing so. I thought the story was just that good, and I don’t regret anything.

The only criticism I have is that sometimes, the art style just didn’t fit, but the effect of that was minimal, and for almost the entire story, the illustration provided just as much of an emotional trigger as the story itself did.

In the end, So Ri and Geun Soo do end up together, and for once, I’m satisfied. Even though Geun Soo still can’t see, and So Ri still can’t hear, they have a wonderful daughter, and they are happy, and that’s all that counts. Again, I am happy for all the characters, even Mr. Asshole-President, and Yun-Jeong. So I do recommend this manhwa for anyone that has some spare time, and something to cry into.

Once again, thank you for this amazing story, Yeong-Hun, Mr. Manhwaga.

Nisekoi – What a tale


Nisekoi. I’m going to assume you’ve read it, but if you haven’t, just go read it. Right now. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Done? Ok.

Nisekoi just ended, and me being the lucky bastard I am, only started reading it a few days ago, so I didn’t have to suffer through waiting for chapters to come out.  After finishing it, I couldn’t believe it ended. Some people might say things about it being cliche or cheesy, but it was really just amazing for me. I like cliche and cheesy stuff, even in movies and shows.

The character development was intriguing and funny, and I learned so much about the characters even though I didn’t realize it until the end. The romantic side of the story didn’t really develop until after chapter 180 or so, and suddenly it sped up, and hit me like a train. I was always on team Onodera, and when Raku admitted to himself that he liked Chitoge, it was like getting hit by a really slow moving train but not being able to move out of the way. It built up, and I had no choice but to keep on reading. I realized, just like Raku, I started liking Chitoge as a character too, and I decided: “I’m not going to be sad, no matter who he chooses.” But then, I almost cried when he rejected every other girl in the story, so that promise didn’t work out so well.

The same happened with Marika. I didn’t like how the author portrayed her as that generic, clingy sick girl, but somehow, I got attached, and when Raku rejected her? I was really sad. Like, really sad. Her character suddenly got so much more interesting during the last few dozen chapters, and I suddenly was like: “Why can’t he just build a harem?” I  just liked the story and characters so much, I got that sort of: “Wow, I wish the story would continue on forever” vibe. You know, when you read a good book, and the main character avenges his parents, or gets with his/her significant other, and you’re just kind of like, “Was that it?” You want the story to continue on, with their children’s stories, their friend’s stories, and whichever minor character in the book, just to get more of it.

This story was like that. I wanted it to go on forever, until I found something that would captivate me just as much. I even wanted to write my own novel, something similar with a similar theme. I planned it out while on the bus, and I was like, “Wow, I feel like I might write something good this time!” But nonetheless, this story is and will always be one of my favourites, one that I will either keep to myself or share it with anyone that listens. I want to reread it too, but I feel like it wouldn’t have the same effect on me as the first time, just like your first crush or role model. You look at the story in a different way if you read it again, one that tries too hard to recreate the same good feelings you had the first time.

Hey, at least talk about the ending, you say. Well, I guess this is a blog about endings, so we’ll finish off with my thoughts on the end. The end, wasn’t just the last chapter. I was at least 5 chapters in length, and it built up in a way that almost killed me. From Raku’s realization of his love for both girls, to the final confession, I had a box of tissues next to me in case I really burst out in tears.

Onodera’s fate as the girl that got rejected had me pause for a few minutes, and gather my courage to read the last few pages. Onodera just kind of got kicked aside and was never focused on as much in the story anyways, even though she was the one when they were kids, and that she was the one Raku had technically know the longest. I guess I always knew that Chitoge would be the chosen one, because that’s the cliche. The tsundere always gets chosen. But despite that, I was cheering for Onodera until the end. The last pages of the a few years later bit with Onodera baking the wedding cake really got to me, and I thought, “Holy crap. Are you asking the girl you rejected to bake you a wedding cake?” If I was her, I would probably still have been salty/miserable about the rejection even years later. I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a girl then. Anyways, the ending just felt really unsatisfying and utter bull to me, even though it was expected and made so much sense in afterthought. I don’t really know what else to say, so I’m going to end it here.

Maybe one day I’ll find someone that enjoys this novel just as much as me, and we can reread it together, and have a laugh about how emotional I was. For now though, I’ll continue to be sad about the ending and try to get engaged in some other book to distract me. I think this will always be one of my favourite manga of all time, and will always have a special place in my heart. I haven’t actually read any other manga that moved nearly as much as this did, and I don’t know if I’ll ever find one as touching and as emotional as this one ever again. Hopefully I will, but who knows.

Goodbye, Nisekoi. I’ll miss you.